About the Project

How can Computational Thinking (CT) provide a foundation for computer science and other STEM careers for students who are currently under-represented in STEM fields?

Today, Black and Latinx workers are severely underrepresented in computer science, engineering and other STEM fields.

This National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Practice Partnership (RPP) aims to build a STEM pathway and pipeline between a middle and high school in South Los Angeles that centers teachers and near-peer mentoring to foster Computational Thinking, or helping students learn how to solve problems and explain solutions.

Through an initial pilot project funded by the National Science Foundation, we learned important lessons about the role of culturally-relevant approaches to students and the critical role of mentors in supporting students.

Our program is now expanding to include 300 students, their teachers, administrators and mentors from undergraduate STEM programs at UCLA.

Computational Thinking Equity Project (CTEP) Logic Model

Project Brochure