Our Approach

Our work utilizes a unique three-pronged approach: Humanizing Research, Validating Practices, and Transforming Policies.

Humanizing Research

It is critical that we center and elevate the voices of the students, families and community members who participate in our research. They represent perspectives that are under-utilized in education decision making. We seek to uplift and validate their experiences so that we can identify effective interventions and strategies to support student learning, health and development.

Our work broadly seeks to answer these guiding research questions:
1. How do we help schools to become more responsive and better able to meet the academic, social, emotional, cultural and health needs of students, especially in our most marginalized communities?
2. How do we unlock the lessons learned from promising education models in historically under-resourced communities?
3. How do we make research useful in order to address inequities inside and outside of school settings?

Validating Practices

We help school systems transform their educational practice, pedagogy, and praxis to support students more holistically and equitably. We have developed a growing network of schools and professionals that are committed to fostering positive, healthy learning environments. We have established partnerships with community-based organizations, county and statewide agencies that integrate student well-being and wellness into the educational experience.

Transforming Policies

Lawmakers at each level of government have a shared responsibility for the education, health and well-being of all students. Our reports are action-oriented, bolstered by practical recommendations for lawmakers and stakeholders to begin the process of undertaking transformative work in our schools.