The Center for Transformation of Schools is dedicated to partnering with the education ecosystem to bring about systems change through Humanizing Research, Validating Practices, and Transforming Policies with key stakeholders to support equitable educational outcomes for historically underserved students.


To be a catalyst for learning communities to boldly nurture and protect the dignity, wellbeing, and full potential of all students.


  • Bridging Perspectives on School Policing, Safety, Student Learning & Racial Justice

    An analysis of the climate of school safety & school policing, and their intersectionality with student learning and racial justice at two CA school districts. Findings will provide guidance for school systems who wish to pursue evidence based strategies and approaches to support student learning and safe, healthy learning environments that reflect a shift away […]

  • The State of Education for CA Students in the Foster Care System

    A landscape study exploring existing educational barriers for foster youth across all 58 CA counties, from early education to high education. Key findings from the analysis will help generate local, state and federal policy recommendations to promote meaningful systems change across the state for young people in the foster care system.

  • Computational Thinking (CT) Development Pathways Research Practice Partnership (RPP)

    Now Hiring UCLA STEM Mentors! Want to make a difference in the lives of young people, conduct research with renowned education scholars, gain networking opportunities, and get paid to do so? Apply now to be a STEM mentor with the UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools! Perks of Being a Mentor:  -Professional training and […]

  • The California Educator Diversity Project

    Recruiting, Preparing, Developing & Retaining Educators of Color: A Remedy for Improving Educational Opportunity & Promoting Educational Justice. California state policymakers and decision makers have identified educator diversity as a top priority issue, but have not had an actionable blueprint for change. CTS will produce an actionable evidence-based landscape study and briefs that identify policy […]

  • Reducing School Suspensions & Improving School Climate in CA (CA MTSS)

    CTS is leading a $15 million state pilot with the Orange County Office of Education and the Butte County Office of Education aimed at reducing suspensions and improving school climate through a training curriculum based on a multi-tiered system of support model. Working collaboratively with students and educators, we will design, refine and implement training modules that will promote improved relationships with students, particularly across race, language and socio-economic differences. If implemented well, it could serve as an effective means to address stark differences in educational opportunity that are apparent by race and income throughout the state.


  • Road to Success Academies Implementation Study

    Zero tolerance discipline policies and punitive approaches to school discipline have proven to be ineffective at promoting safety and a positive learning environment for young people. Working with schools and juvenile corrections facilities, CTS is working to devise new approaches to school discipline that decrease disparities, and focus on getting students more engaged in learning by proving greater support and attention to social-emotional development that research shows is essential to student success.




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