Emily Silva Communications Scholar

At UCLA CTS, Emily works as a Communications Scholar where she provides support for the Center’s website, digital marketing, PR and media relations, branding, graphic design, data entry, and digital analytics reporting. She has experience in social media management, navigating computer software, and data analysis. She spends her free time volunteering with nonprofit organizations, such as the Care Extender Program, that work with UCLA to provide healthcare for underserved communities. A Los Angeles native, Emily is a second-year Neuroscience major at UCLA. As a first generation college student, Emily has experienced the psychological, academic, and financial challenges that come with leaving family and financial responsibilities at home. Since high school, Emily has learned how to navigate the academic system by using the resources available to her such as counseling, healthcare options, work-study programs, and so much more. Considering the time and effort it takes to find balance in the academic community, Emily seeks to contribute what she has learned to her peers by utilizing social media to increase awareness about the financial and academic support available to students that are experiencing similar challenges in K-12 schools today.