Kirk D. Rogers Jr., Ph.D. Research Analyst

Kirk D. Rogers, Jr. (he/him/his) has a PhD from UC San Diego’s Department of Education Studies. His research interests include uncovering the institutional and systemic mechanisms that inhibit access to STEM for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color (BIPOC). His dissertation research centers math as a major gatekeeper for BIPOC students interested in pursuing STEM careers. Kirk taught middle school math and science in Atlanta, GA, for six years and continues to work with youth, teaching at a STEAM summer camp in the summers. His future goal is to make the P—20 STEM pipeline more inclusive by pushing back against traditional notions of who can “do” STEM. Kirk’s lifelong career goal is to dismantle the STEM field such that the larger community begins to rethink STEM, ultimately creating more diverse, inclusive, and culturally relevant STEM spaces; spaces that value the strengths and unique talents of BIPOC students, women, and other historically marginalized groups. He is eager to continue collaborating on research connected to equity and social justice in STEM at the Center for the Transformation of Schools.