School Improvement Networks

For too long, political solutions and policies have focused on the pros and cons of charters, choice, and the merits of magnets, small schools, academies, or pilots. But how do we support the improvement and development of all schools, regardless of their type or governance structure?

One of the ongoing challenges facing schools and school systems across the country is the lack of learning and sharing of best practices among schools. Too often, schools are focused on competition or working in isolation. This limits opportunities for sharing important practices and strategies. One of the goals of our center is to be a bridge between teachers, researchers, youth, policymakers, and education partners who are eager to learn from one another.

Current Work


CTS has developed a network of schools working together in a sustained partnership known as the Los Angeles School Improvement Network (LASIN).

Launched in August 2017, LASIN consists of eleven high schools which include public, charter, and pilot schools in the Los Angeles area. With a diverse range of school types, the network enables us to identify promising practices that can be adapted and applied to other educational institutions.

The network focuses on treating problems of practice that emerge in the field, specifically in 9th grade mathematics. We envision LASIN as an avenue through which new ideas in the classroom are tested, refined, and applied appropriately and effectively throughout our school systems