SDUSD Videos

Making graduation meaningful, one student at a time

Class of 2019 Kearny High School graduate Jennifer Garcia describes her experience as a student and how teachers in the district have supported her inside and outside the classroom.

Cindy Marten

Cindy Marten, Superintendent of San Diego Unified School District explains what districts are underway to move achieve equity through a high quality public school system.

Cindy Marten speaks to the critical importance of strong public schools in her community and the doors of opportunity through education.

Cindy Marten reminds us the importance of staying focused on student learning in schools.

Cindy Marten shares the importance of knowing students’ stories as a way to better support their learning in the classroom Knowing kids’ stories.

Dr. Sofia Freire

Dr. Sofia Freire, Chief, Leadership and Learning of San Diego Unified School District describes the importance of improving access to AP courses.

Dr. Sofia Freire shares how schools can rethink how they think about students and their expectations of students.

Dr. Sofia Freire explains the challenges of implementing a detracking agenda.

Dr. Sofia Freire explores what it means for students to be ready for college and work after high school.

Cheryl Hibbeln

Cheryl Hibbeln, Executive Director, School Innovation and Integrated Youth Services of San Diego Unified School District, describes the importance of structures, instruction and culture to support change in any district.

Cheryl Hibbeln explains how the district has prioritized improved A-G rates for students, especially low-income students of color

Cheryl Hibbeln emphasizes how important consistent district-level support is when embarking on bold reforms.

Cheryl Hibbeln details how the district has increased access to Languages Other than English (LOTE) assessments

Cheryl Hibbeln shares how the district has focused on making graduation more meaningful for the district.