Promising Practices Servicing Black Youth

Despite the many obstacles facing Black youth in LA County, there are a small number of schools that we have identified as “bright spots” of opportunity. These are schools where on average, Black students are out-performing their peers elsewhere in the county. 

Recent research carried out by Advantage, a community advocacy organization and the USC Rossier School of Education has identified several public and charter schools in LA County that are serving Black children well. These reports can be found here:

Additionally, we have also identified community-based programs that are making considerable effort to generate positive outcomes for Black students. Below, we identify promising schools and programs that appear to be serving Black students relatively well. Although many of these programs do not collect data that makes it possible to assess their impact, they do play an important role in providing support to many Black children in Los Angeles County.

We believe that the lessons learned from these schools and programs should be used to inform policy, especially when there is clear evidence of their effectiveness in addressing and meeting the needs of Black students and their families.  

Notable Community-based Programs