Our goal in releasing this report is to do more than simply sound an alarm and draw attention to the fact that Black children in LA County face a number of hardships and disadvantages. That has already been done by numerous studies. We know that calling attention to a problem does not guarantee that it will be addressed. Therefore, it is critical that local leaders work together to act on the findings and recommendations from this report.

We recognize that the problems we have identified are complex. However, we believe they can be ameliorated through targeted and sustained action carried out over an extended period of time. Through greater and more efficient collaboration between the various departments within the County, with the support of key stakeholders, (e.g. local school districts, the nonprofit sector, foundations and community groups), and guided by a coherent plan of action, we believe solutions can be devised and progress can be achieved in promoting the academic success and overall wellness of Black children in Los Angeles County.

This report can serve as a catalyst for the development of such a plan and the sustained, pragmatic and strategic action that must follow.