Promising Models

King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine & Science


King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine & Science serves as an excellent model for effectively serving students, their families, and the needs of the larger community by outstanding and rigorous instruction for students, creating a positive school culture and safe learning environments, and their partnerships with local health and community organizations.

Comprehensive high school

We engage our students in a rigorous program of academic study beginning with an emphasis on medicine and science. Students develop essential skills in critical thinking, scientific inquiry, effective communication, technology, and personal growth—forging multiple paths to success in a dynamic 21st century world.

51% Latinx
47% Black
85% FRPL Eligible*

Their mission focuses on preparing students for careers and college degrees in medicine and science by developing them academically and socially with skills that will allow them to matriculate successfully into the democratic process.

Academic Preparation & Student Achievement

During the 2018-2019 academic school year, King Drew had a 97% graduation rate for its senior class. Their A-G completion rates (78%) were impressive; yielding 221 UC acceptances, 509 CSU acceptances, and 327 acceptances into private and out of state institutions. Black students consistently meet and/or exceed the state average in English and Mathematics assessments (61% ELA; 25% Mathematics). King Drew is one of the top 20 schools in Los Angeles County to successfully prepare Black students for admission into UCLA (Ed Data, 2018-2019).

Community Partnerships

King Drew’s ability to build effective partnerships with community organizations provides a model for how schools (who otherwise would be considered under-resourced) are able to support and meet the needs of their students and families. One partnership that is important to highlight is their Reaching Our at Risk Brothers (ROAR) program. This community partnership works closely with freshman and sophomore Black boys by providing mentoring, weekly field trips to top medical centers and organizations, and exposure to additional STEM, medical, and technical career path professions.

Their holistic approach and model can inform similar schools and districts serving non-dominant students to learn, adopt, and apply some of their systems, which have been proven effective in working closely with families, closing educational gaps, and providing post-secondary options for students.

*Free & Reduced-Price Lunch
**; (2018-2019 academic year)